I draw and make things.
Here’s a collection of some of my work.


Slow down and breathe

Enamel pin of meditating illustration. Rose gold, white glitter enamel pin.
Background card printed on recycled paper.




I illustrate, recipes and yoga figures.

My figure drawings are calming with a minimalist style. 
I use a playful and informative style with my recipes that are full of colour.



I'm a service designer and a UX consultant.

I work in lean principles as part of cross functional teams. I've worked with startups and with large organisations in various industries such as retail, media, finance and healthcare.


Collaborations and all very cool stuffs


Greed Sex Intention book

I got to illustrate the cover and chapter illustrations for the fantastic book Greed Sex Intention. Each chapter has its own representative illustration, to help assist the content as it goes through the application of the ancient teachings of the 8 Limbs of Yoga to the modern society.

The book is suitable to both seasoned and newbie yogi’s as it explains how to use the 8 limbs in a world of constant, social media and influencers.  



A collab under the clothing line Stretch and Roll, these fantastic tshirts are made in the UK. Printed on organic cotton and shipped in sustainable packaging, they are soft durable and a casual chic statement for your love of movement. Get yours now.


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